Wall-S1 Wall-Controller

Any PowerZone Connect amplifier can be controlled remotely with the
Wall-S1 wall-mounted PoE controller. It is simple to set-up, configure, and customize any installed system as well as any sound zone in a location.
With PIN code protection for system security and access, you can change source and manage volume in a matter of seconds.

Up to 8 controllers can be connected to any of the zones in the amplifier’s web app. Wall-S1 can be assigned to any zone – example two controllers to each of the four zones, or just one zone with eight sync’d devices. This is effortlessly managed in the PowerZone Control web app where you find many more helpful features.  

  • PowerZone Connect can manage up to 8 x Wall-S1 controllers, configured exactly as you need, covering the majority of installs
  • Each networked, PoE controller is easily allocated to any sound zone in the amplifier’s web app and customised for that location
  • Change input source or adjust the volume in a sound zone in seconds, by following the clear on-screen menu
  • Programmable PIN code protection for both basic and advanced access, including system shut-down when leaving the location
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