It’s not lost on us that the last thing the world needs is another loudspeaker brand. There already exists too many loudspeaker companies, and the glut of product options they offer is only compounded by all the Amplifier, DSP and Control brands that have added loudspeakers to their already bloated portfolios. These companies are quite literally “jack of all trades and masters of none”. None of them, in our estimation, make anything truly original or exciting. They’re all the same. So from conception, we knew that if we were going to bring any real value to an already saturated market, we needed to be different. We also knew that we could service the premium end of the market like no other company could, not only in terms of performance, but also, design. So we concluded that if we could offer something truly different, and fill the void that exists at the premium end of the market, we could make an impact; we could actually offer something new and valuable. And thus, in 2018 Theory was born.
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