Digital Projection

Studio Series LED

Designed for Film Production & Broadcast

Designed exclusively with the needs of virtual production in mind, Studio Series panels offer a host of superior technical benefits for content creators in the film and television production industry.

Featuring a 500mm x 500mm cabinet size, Radiance LED Studio Series panels are engineered for creative implementations in any production environment. Easily deployable in flat or curved arrays, the Radiance LED Studio Series is compatible with wall-mounted, ground-stacked, overhead suspended, or truss supported installations. The panel design is engineered for the quickly changing needs of the working studio environment and employs easily-reconfigurable rigging hardware with front and rear serviceable component access.

Utilizing the powerful Tessera Series receiving cards and processors from Brompton Technology, the Radiance LED Studio Series provides video system engineers with precise control over color gamut, frame synchronization, grayscale performance, and dynamic range. A lightning-fast refresh rate of 7680Hz and camera-optimized scan modes allow for smooth image capture on all Radiance LED Studio Series panels.

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