PowerZone Control

Effortless system set-up & configuration on any device.

With PowerZone Connect amplifiers and the PowerZone Control web app, you can connect, configure, and control any audio system and create the most impressive multi-zone sound system in minutes.

PowerZone Control is a web-based controller that runs on any device and any platform. It is set-up from your phone, tablet, or PC. Simply connect through any browser to the amplifier’s built-in Wi-Fi, or direct via the network port.

PowerZone Control has a simple, intuitive interface that first allows access to the basic system set-up, and then to the many advanced configuration and professional tuning settings. Add a speaker preset in seconds, or save and export your amplifier’s customized set-up as a profile that you can restore, use on the next room, or a future project, making system configuration even faster.

The main dashboard shows a simple overview of your system – and from here it’s effortless to set-up and manage zones, pair inputs and outputs, and add external volume controllers.

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