Clock Audio

CUB-33 USB Tabletop Microphone

With videoconferencing going mainstream, the CUB33 is Clockaudio’s first USB microphone designed for professionals working from home or at the office, as well as for streamers, gamers, and podcasters.

The CUB-33 tabletop microphone comes with the popular C3 series Gooseneck, and a capacitive touch screen with integrated VU meter. This distinctive feature will display the microphone levels to indicate if the mic is clipping or if the microphone levels are too low. The mute button can also be configured as push to mute or latch.

Privacy is very important, particularly in corporate environments. Therefore, the mute is local, meaning that when muted, you can be certain that the audio will never leave the microphone.

Bottom heavy for added stability, the CUB33 is robust, and easy to set up. It is driverless and compatible with Windows and MacOS and is ‘’mute-sync’’ compatible with the Zoom meeting app. With the right adaptors (sold separately), it even works with iPadOS and iOS. Like all Clockaudio products, the CUB-33 is ‘’Clearly different’’ and it shows.

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