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Volanti Displays touch screens with InGlass™ technology

Volanti InGlass Technology Touch Screen

Volanti Displays InGlass™ technology is an emerging technology that is suitable for Interactive Displays using Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR). These key features of no bezel, perfect clarity in addition to pressure detection, touch pen and glove solution that is scalable is a perfect match for Interactive Displays.

Specific light wavelengths are injected into the core glass and touch disturbances are detected via novel algorithms that have been patented. Unlike p-cap, InGlass™ does not utilize any sensors in the glass. Unlike IR-touch, no frame (bezel) is required because the sensing is taking place in the body of the glass and not above the surface of the glass. InGlass™ provides a tablet-like, bezel-free device that is also multi-touch capable (see picture below).

Volanti - InGlass Technology

InGlass™ technology:

– Premium touch experienceInGlass™ technology supports over 40 simultaneous touches

– Excellent Viewing ExperienceInGlass™ technology has no sensor grid in front of the LCD screen obstructing the image quality

– Pressure detectionInGlass™ touch technology natively supports pressure detection with over 1,000 levels

– Insensitive to electronic noiseInGlass™ technology is insensitive to LCD and charger noise

– 3 in one inputTouch – Pen – Glove

– Flush and simple integrationInGlass™ technology is designed to support simple and slim integration with a completely flush surface enabling true edge-to-edge industrial designs with no bezel.

InGlass™ technology is capable of detecting multi-touch glove events. This allows for glove usage in hospitals and outdoor environments.

The evolution of displays has resulted in a need for flat edge-to-edge tablet-like high-resolution panels. They introduce a new eye catching look, which is attractive to the eye and the touch interface. The sleek flat glass is now the norm, and it has moved to tablets, laptops, and All-In-One PCs. The trend has continued to larger displays.

Volanti - InGlass Technology - display

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