Community I SERIES Modular Vertical Array 600
Community I Series Modular Vertical Array 600
October 26, 2017
E-Vision 5000 from DP
E-Vision Laser 5000
October 26, 2017

Tesira LUX Now Shipping

TesiraLUX is Biamp’s AVB-based video streaming solution including both an encoder and decoder, allowing you to distribute 4K60 video over your Ethernet network.

With the addition of TesiraLUX, Tesira now supports real-time video distribution over the network, with unmatched lip sync capabilities. Since Tesira manages the entire audio and video signal path, Tesira processing recognizes how long it takes for each signal to pass over the network, allowing it to accurately synchronize everything.

We’re pleased to announce that TesiraLUX is now shipping!

Check out the video, visit the biamp website, or contact Mike Upright to learn more about TesiraLUX and its capabilities.