Biamp Acquires HRT
Biamp Acquires Huddle Room Technology (HRT) SRL
February 19, 2020
Microsoft Certifies Biamp’s Latest Family of Conferencing Solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms
May 13, 2022

Teleportivity: The Tech Support Game-Changer


Anywhere from 30 – 70% of service issues are user related. Sure, there are tech solutions that help monitor devices and connectivity, but the vast majority of these issues still required on-site diagnosis to resolve or redirect the issue. Nothing drains more time and resources than technician call-outs.

Liberty AV and Teleportivity are making every space, place and object a portal to a world of help. From live remote help sessions to surveys to tutorial videos, every base is covered. With Teleportivity’s Instant Information and Live Support System, help can come to the customer from anywhere in the world, at the push of a button.

New for 2020:
Leave your mark on every install. You can be connected to every project and client, even after you’re on to the next one. Instant phone connectivity, access to room info, customizable to meet every support need with a simple scan. Stay connected, with no investment. Expand capabilities as needed. Embed a complimentary Support Space™ (QR Code) into every room and activate full functionality when you’re ready. Learn more.

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