Teleportivity: The Tech Support Game-Changer

Anywhere from 30 – 70% of service issues are user related. Sure, there are tech solutions that help monitor devices and connectivity, but the vast majority of these issues still required on-site diagnosis to resolve or redirect the issue. Nothing drains more time and resources than technician call-outs.

Liberty AV and Teleportivity are making every space, place and object a portal to a world of help. From live remote help sessions to surveys to tutorial videos, every base is covered. With Teleportivity’s Instant Information and Live Support System, help can come to the customer from anywhere in the world, at the push of a button.

New for 2020:
Leave your mark on every install. You can be connected to every project and client, even after you’re on to the next one. Instant phone connectivity, access to room info, customizable to meet every support need with a simple scan. Stay connected, with no investment. Expand capabilities as needed. Embed a complimentary Support Space™ (QR Code) into every room and activate full functionality when you’re ready. Learn more.

Contact Mike Upright to learn more about how to integrate Teleportivity solutions.

New CrystalView LED Option

The newly released Crystalview option provides a robust surface glazing which enhances contrast while dramatically improving LED panel ruggedness and reliability.  The Crystalview option is available in either a matte or gloss finish, and makes Radiance LED perfectly suited for delivering stunning, high ambient light imagery in higher-traffic areas around the home.

For more information please contact Mike Upright at:

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Kick Your Old Distribution Amp to the Curb

Liberty AV Product Announcements

The DigitaLinx 2×4 / 2×8 HDMI Distribution Amplifier/Splitter (DL-HD24/28A-H2) is an HDMI 2.0 Compatible 2×4 or 8 device featuring two selectable HDMI inputs, four/eight HDMI outputs, analog & digital audio de-embed, and auto down-scaling for maximum display compatibility. Perfect for connecting two sources, control system, audio amplifier and up to four (4)(8) displays. Easily integrate into a residential or commercial space.

Switch between two selectable input source devices and split the signal simultaneously to four displays. Display & show the same picture at the same time on all four displays. Pass resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4 and all HDR Formats. Auto down scale at ease, optimizing when necessary 4K or 1080p per output, allowing use of the same content on a mix of displays, 1080p and 4K.

Analog and digital audio can be de-embedded from the selected HDMI input and supports CEC control and is HDCP 2.2 compliant. The DL-HD24/28A-H2 can be controlled via front panel buttons, RS232 or by TCP/IP control. 4K@60Hz / 4:4:4 / 8-bit color and features an easy EDID management option. Selected source audio can be de-embedded to two-channel analog or to remain native via Toslink digital output or allowing a source such as AppleTV to be distributed while sending digital surround audio to the AVR.

Complete the installation of the DigitaLinx 2×4 HDMI Distribution Amplifier/Splitter ( DL-HD24A-H2) with Liberty AV’s extensive range of Hybrid or Premium HDMI, Toslink digital optical cables, and category cables.

For added peace of mind, the DigitaLinx HDMI Distribution Amplifier/Splitter is backed by the 5 year warranty & tech support you’ve come to know and trust from Liberty AV Solutions.

Learn more at Digitalinx 2×4 HDMI Distribution Amplifier/ Splitter (DL-HD24A-H2)

Biamp Crowd Mics Turns Smartphones into Microphones

Biamp’s Crowd Mics system transforms smartphones and tablets into a personal microphone and interactive response system, creating a streamlined experience for event attendees and moderators alike.

Designed for presentations, lectures, panel discussions, and other presenter/audience events, Crowd Mics is hosted on a small hardware appliance, the ATOM, that supports up to 1,000 event participants. ATOM connects directly to the room’s audio system via USB or balanced audio outputs, includes the option to present video via HDMI, and provides moderators full access to the event’s participation log, including questions asked and poll results.

Audience members connect to ATOM using a free iOS or Android app installed on their phone or tablet. The app lets event participants use their smartphones as a personal wireless microphone and gives access to standard audience engagement tools like polls and messaging. The separate Crowd Mics moderator application allows a presenter or moderator to select who will speak next, create and publish polls, and select audience text comments to be pushed to the room’s AV presentation system.

For more information click here to read the full article from AV Network.

Satellite MLS System Makes for Small, Silent Projector Heads

At the 2019 Infocomm show, Digital Projection gave attendees a sneak peek at the Satellite Module Laser System (Satellite MLS) prototype. Featuring pure RGB Laser Illumination, the Satellite MLS separates the light source, with its associated power and thermal management, to a remote location, thus enabling a small, compact projection “Head” that only contains the minimal optical and video processing.

The Satellite MLS is set to officially debut at InfoComm 2020 with widely customizable system configurations, all producing superb color gamut, contrast, and virtually silent operation for complex display environments that no other projection solution can tackle!

Teleportivity Offers Face-to-Face Off-Site Support

Australian tech start-up Teleportivity has launched a platform that has the potential to transform the way business and universities interact with their customers and students.

The system allows customers to create a telepresence connection with a staff member through a screen to allow face to face chat in the event there is no one on-site to speak with.

Tech Guide had a look at the platform at CeBIT in Sydney this week and we were instantly greeted by a woman on a 12.9-inch display (which was an iPad Pro) built into a stand that was at our eye level.

This could be used in a store or shopping centre and at a university or school to give people an option to ask a question or find directions or gather any other information.

Without person physically there, Teleportivity is the next best thing to a face to face conversation.

The chat’s visual communication is more personal than an audio call and it also gives the person at the other end – like the store or university staff member – the ability to see the customer and to see if they are stressed or emotional …Read the full article from here.

Ready to experience the technology? Scan the QR Code:

QR Code


Visit the Teleportivity webpage to learn more and request a demo.

TesiraXEL Amplifiers Deliver Extraordinary Flexibility

TesiraXEL™ 1200.2 is an AVB/TSN enabled, digital networked, four-channel amplifier. The 1200.2 delivers extraordinary flexibility — from power distribution, to selectable speaker impedance, to connectivity options, it’s an ideal choice. The 1200.2 is equipped with two 1200W power banks; each bank supports two channels to provide greater power density per rack unit. It leverages a unique power distribution architecture allowing users to distribute 1-100% of available power across the power bank. The TesiraXEL 1200.2 also supports both selectable impedance (4Ω, 8Ω, 70V, or 100V) and delay equalization per channel, allowing for maximum design flexibility. To streamline installations, the 1200.2 includes an audible locate function on the front panel to validate connected loudspeaker runs without requiring the amplifier to be configured. The TesiraXEL 1200.2 comes with a software-configurable media interface, allowing designers to choose their preferred network topology — redundancy, daisy chain, single-cable, or separate control and media are all supported. The 1200.2 is ideal for training rooms, lecture halls, performing arts venues, houses of worship or other applications where sound distribution or reinforcement is needed.

Click here to download the data sheets for all TesiraXEL models.

The World’s First No-Touch Mount

AlpsAV, introduced the World’s First No-Touch Mount. This solution allows professional Installers to avoid pressure damage to screens.

The AlpsAV No-Touch mount completely eliminates the need to touch the screen. Most, if not all, screen manufacturers will not warranty their products against pressure damage, leaving the risk and burden to the installer when mounting video walls, digital signage or recessed screens.

Read more about Alps AV No-Touch mounts here. 

Insight 4K HFR 360 – Interact and Collaborate in 4K-3D

Prior to the launch of Digital Projection’s newest product, 3D technology suffered from a significant immersive limitation: each user was seeing exactly the same image, regardless of where they were positioned. Digital Projection has again moved ahead of its competitors with the INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 Multi-View 3D projector, which can finally offer truly immersive, collaborative and interactive 3D experiences.

The Insight 4K HFR 360 is capable of rendering three independent native 4K-3D viewing perspectives, with the addition of a second unit able to increase the amount of VR viewers to six.

The projector can be matched with headtracking technology, allowing users to see content from a unique perspective, remaining appropriate to the user’s changing position for collaborative content sharing.

This system has the ability to track each user down to six degrees of freedom, utilizing active 3D glasses that can switch between black and transmissive states in approximately 200ups.

Previously, the ultra-fast frame rates required for a multi-viewer 3D system have meant sacrificing resolution – and therefore image fidelity. Digital Projection was not willing to accept such a compromise. The new INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 offers both native 4K and high frame rate – thanks to the thousands of hours invested by Digital Projection’s team of experts and their unsurpassed experience in 3-chip DLP projection.

Instead of providing 120 frames per second, which is enough for single user 3D, the INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 delivers an unrivalled 360 frames per second at native 4K resolution, enabling content creators to serve three independent, high-resolution 3D views with just one projector. Furthermore, the addition of a second projector to the system increases the unique user 3D views to six.

Visit the Digital Projection website to learn more.

TIM-1000 – The New Standard for Huddle Rooms and Conference Spaces

Meet TIM. Clockaudio introduces, TIM-1000 enables microphones to track the person speaking and follow them  anywhere in the room, automatically compensating for their distance from the microphone while maintaining real time audio capture.

The concept behind TIM-1000 is simplicity; ease of installation, user-friendly set up and adaptability. The TIM-1000 installs just like a ceiling speaker (using dog legs) and can easily be installed in a drop ceiling or hard ceiling. TIM is “set to go” and does not require any programming or the need to set up different lobes. In addition, it can self-configure to any space.

At the core of TIM’s new level for microphone intelligence, is Clockaudio’s Adaptive Proximity Technology© (APT). This APT allows TIM to keep a consistent sound level for the person speaking and will automatically compensate for the distance of the participant from the microphone while maintaining real time audio capture.

As your most important meeting “participant”, TIM will scan the room to find any steady state noise and will attenuate it, making the room quieter. As soon as someone speaks, TIM zeroes in on the person speaking and effortlessly tracks them wherever they move within the space to maintain a consistent volume level.   Even when someone else starts speaking, TIM can ‘follow’ any other source of speech anywhere in the room as they move around, constantly adjusting their output level for a more even level at the far end.   

Jim Hallington, Clockaudio Founder and Managing Director for Clockaudio Ltd. comments, “From the moment we discussed this product’s development, we understood that it would create tremendous interest when it hit the market. We are thrilled to be launching TIM-1000 at InfoComm 2019 and even more excited about the industry’s enthusiastic response to it.”

TIM’s features are many. It only requires one channel of AEC, making it cost effective. UL listed, TIM works well with any soft codec, is compatible with both Dante and AES67, making it easy to work with any DSP of choice.

Other features for TIM-1000 include noise suppression, 3-band EQ, intuitive GUI, and an RGB ring that provides for visual room status. Powered over ethernet, the device utilizes API control via UDP commands and comes with separate control and audio paths. TIM-1000 is available in Custom Nextel colors to fit the décor and aesthetic of any room.

Click here to learn more about TIM from the official Clockaudio website.