Biamp Web-Based Monitoring
Biamp Introduces Web-Based Monitoring & Management Tool for Tesira® and Devio® Platforms
July 27, 2018
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October 22, 2018

Software-Defined AV Brings Immediate Paybacks

Utelogy Web-Defined AV

After years of lagging behind the rest of the organization, AV leaders at many organizations are realizing the current value and potential leaps forward in collaboration that a standards-based system, specifically software-defined AV, can provide. Fortunately, adopting software-defined AV is easy and can provide almost immediate payback in terms of resources and time savings. Combined, these benefits improve operations and make an organization more competitive in an agile world.

Utelogy puts ‘you’ in control. Using standards-based and proven IT technology in every other aspect of our professional and personal lives should be proof enough that it can be successfully applied to our work in classrooms and corporations. The Utelogy platform provides the following unique advantages:

• Unlimited options that align with your specific needs: The Utelogy platform is only limited by your imagination. If you can describe what you want your technology to do, it can be done. The platform is not about a bigger box of technology: it is about making the use of the technology effortless.

• Technology that matches your vision for what could be: Utelogy helps organizations use their existing hardware via an intuitive platform any team member can use with little or no training. The intent is to put you in control of your technology.

• Proven track record of eliminating costly, proprietary switching, programming and hardware: With a client base of higher education and corporations that have deployed the platform, Utelogy and its partners can be trusted to help you enhance your campus or enterprise.

Download the full white paper here.