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October 22, 2018
Parle Beamtracking Microphones
Parlé Beamtracking Mics Now Support Devio 
July 18, 2019

Have it Your Way: Customization Never Scares ClockAudio

Customize with ClockAudio

When most manufacturers shy away from customization, Clockaudio embraces it. Every now and then an application will call for a specification of a microphone that is non-existent. This might be a particular place where any standard microphone cannot be mounted to perform adequately, or a specific demand that meets the need for a seemingly extreme solution.

Clockaudio is always receptive to unusual requests from end-users, consultants, designers, or project managers. Whether it’s a specific color to match the company colors in a boardroom, a specific length of a gooseneck mic, or even redesigning the physical build of a microphone to fit a tight space or requirement, Clockaudio is ready to step up to the challenge.


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