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August 22, 2019
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October 17, 2019

Biamp Crowd Mics Turns Smartphones into Microphones

Biamp crowd mics

Biamp’s Crowd Mics system transforms smartphones and tablets into a personal microphone and interactive response system, creating a streamlined experience for event attendees and moderators alike.

Designed for presentations, lectures, panel discussions, and other presenter/audience events, Crowd Mics is hosted on a small hardware appliance, the ATOM, that supports up to 1,000 event participants. ATOM connects directly to the room’s audio system via USB or balanced audio outputs, includes the option to present video via HDMI, and provides moderators full access to the event’s participation log, including questions asked and poll results.

Audience members connect to ATOM using a free iOS or Android app installed on their phone or tablet. The app lets event participants use their smartphones as a personal wireless microphone and gives access to standard audience engagement tools like polls and messaging. The separate Crowd Mics moderator application allows a presenter or moderator to select who will speak next, create and publish polls, and select audience text comments to be pushed to the room’s AV presentation system.

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