Have it Your Way: Customization Never Scares ClockAudio

When most manufacturers shy away from customization, Clockaudio embraces it. Every now and then an application will call for a specification of a microphone that is non-existent. This might be a particular place where any standard microphone cannot be mounted to perform adequately, or a specific demand that meets the need for a seemingly extreme solution.

Clockaudio is always receptive to unusual requests from end-users, consultants, designers, or project managers. Whether it’s a specific color to match the company colors in a boardroom, a specific length of a gooseneck mic, or even redesigning the physical build of a microphone to fit a tight space or requirement, Clockaudio is ready to step up to the challenge.


Read the full blog post from ClockAudio here. 

Conference Call Technology Compared

Audio plays a critical role in the effectiveness of conference calls. Ever wish you could compare audio conferencing technology side-by-side?

Join Zach Snook (Audio Products Manager) and John Urban (Product Marketing Manager) as they provide actual side-by-side comparison between three typical technologies used for conference calls. You’ll be amazed by the difference in audio quality.

Visit the Biamp website to learn more. 

Volanti Introduces Touch Screen LED Video Walls

Volanti can now offer LED video walls with touch screen support.

This is available for 0.9mm, 1.2mm and 1.5mm fine pitch direct view LED video wall models. A key difference from the normal LED video wall versions is the smooth coating that provides both protection to the LED display components as well as a more pleasant touch surface.

In addition the video wall has an IR touch frame for touch detection.

Watch the Volanti website for updated information on this exciting new product.

Zip 4 IP Paging Solution

The Zip4 from Atterotech is a 4-button IP Paging interface that addresses the unique communications needs of large sporting venues, airport terminals, train stations, conventions centers, and corporate facilities.


Key Features

  • Paging Audio Interface – IP audio can be routed over a Dante™ or AES67 network from the Zip4 to a DSP or other Paging Management System (PMS) controller to distribute paging audio.
  •  Rugged Design – The faceplate is constructed of solid brushed aluminum and a front panel RJ-45 jack serves as the PTT microphone input with a panel mounted cable strain relief for a reliable mic connection while offering simple installation and replacement.
  • Simple User Control – Zone or Group selection and zone status identification is easily performed via the backlit keypad
  • Wall mount design – The Zip4 installs seamlessly into a standard 2 Gang US wall box or rework bracket.  The Zip4 is also available in a 3-gang form factor (Zip4-3G) with optional accessories for deskmounting and use with a gooseneck microphone.
  • Q-SYS Integration – Integrates directly with Q-SYS PA Router running on a QSC Core series DSP with a dedicated Zip4 control plugin for Q-SYS Designer.


Learn more about the Zip 4 at atterotech.com.

New Auto-Switching Wall Plate from Liberty AV Solutions

The new auto switching wall plate from Liberty AV solutions features VGA and HDMI Input. Auto-switching format will automatically switch to the newly-connected input devices. Audio inputs are available for the VGA input, in addition to an IR pass-through. USB host port is perfect for interactive whiteboard applications or KVM applications.

Additional Applications:

  • Audio, Video, and control distribution and routing
  • Collaboration, Education, Boardrooms, Video Wall, Digital Signage, AV over IP
  • Enterprise AV routing and management.


For a full list of features and information visit the Liberty AV website.

Software-Defined AV Brings Immediate Paybacks

After years of lagging behind the rest of the organization, AV leaders at many organizations are realizing the current value and potential leaps forward in collaboration that a standards-based system, specifically software-defined AV, can provide. Fortunately, adopting software-defined AV is easy and can provide almost immediate payback in terms of resources and time savings. Combined, these benefits improve operations and make an organization more competitive in an agile world.

Utelogy puts ‘you’ in control. Using standards-based and proven IT technology in every other aspect of our professional and personal lives should be proof enough that it can be successfully applied to our work in classrooms and corporations. The Utelogy platform provides the following unique advantages:

• Unlimited options that align with your specific needs: The Utelogy platform is only limited by your imagination. If you can describe what you want your technology to do, it can be done. The platform is not about a bigger box of technology: it is about making the use of the technology effortless.

• Technology that matches your vision for what could be: Utelogy helps organizations use their existing hardware via an intuitive platform any team member can use with little or no training. The intent is to put you in control of your technology.

• Proven track record of eliminating costly, proprietary switching, programming and hardware: With a client base of higher education and corporations that have deployed the platform, Utelogy and its partners can be trusted to help you enhance your campus or enterprise.

Download the full white paper here.

New Vision Series Projectors with Color Boost+ Technology & Direct Red Laser

Digital Projection International (DPI), adds Color Boost+ technology to two brand new models in their single-chip, laser illuminated Vision Series. The E-Vision 13000 WU and M-Vision 21000 WU employ DP’s Color Boost+ which adds direct-red lasers to the existing blue lasers to achieve higher brightness and vastly improved color performance.

Both the M-Vision 21000 WU & E-Vision 13000 WU deliver WUXGA (1920 x 1200) native resolution. Producing 20,000 lumens, the M-Vision 21000 WU tops the market in single-chip brightness, which was previously held by DP’s own M-Vision LASER 18K. Suitable for large auditoriums, worship spaces, higher-ed, staging, and other large format applications, the M-Vision 21000 WU provides class leading brightness and incredible color performance.

The E-Vision 13000 WU produces 12,500 lumens and serves as an even higher value option for small to medium venues requiring the highest level of color performance at a great price. Small to large conference rooms, auditoriums, higher-ed, worship, staging and other small to medium applications will also benefit from the E-Vision 13000 WU’s low fan noise

With sealed light engines, high dependability and near zero maintenance inherent in their design, all Digital Projection LASER projectors provide the lowest cost of ownership, benefitting from the laser illumination system’s extensive 20,000+ hour life-span. With no lamps to replace or expensive maintenance costs to endure, end-users and stagers save significant money over time and never need to worry about the possibility of lamp aging or failure. Beyond their low cost of ownership and superb dependability, DP’s LASER projectors can be oriented in any position for unsurpassed installation flexibility. This allows customers to place rich, enormous-scale imagery in practically any venue and on any projection surface, without sacrificing projector performance, reliability or image quality.


Key Features:

  • 20,000 ISO lumens (M-Vision 21000 WU) & 12,500 ISO lumens (E-Vision 13000 WU)
  • Color Boost+ Technology with direct red lasers for vastly improved color space & color saturation
  • 10,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • Fully sealed light engines
  • 20,000+ hour laser illumination system life
  • WUXGA Resolution (1920 x 1200)
  • All Active 3D Formats Supported
  • 1 x 0.96” (MV 21000) & 0.67” (EV 13000) DarkChip™ DMD™Imagers
  • MultiAxis = Portrait & Landscape Capable
  • Unbeatable Cost of Ownership


A multitude of high-performance lenses and state of the art digital inputs assure the M-Vision 21000 WU and E-Vision 13000 WU serve as powerful and flexible imaging tools for venues requiring incredibly bright and color-rich display solutions.

For more information, please visit:

M-Vision 21000 WU

E-Vision 13000 WU

Insight Laser 8K – The Ultimate Projection Solution

8K Resolution with 25,000 Lumens of Laser Illumination for the Ultimate Experience in Visualization

Digital Projection’s flagship projector sits in an elite class all its own when it comes to performance. Providing an ultra-high resolution of 7680 X 4320 pixels through 25,000 lumens of solid-state laser-phosphor illumination, the INSIGHT DUAL LASER 8K is the ultimate solution for the most elaborate, medical, scientific, immersive visualization and large-venue applications. In addition to the resolution and lumen performance, the INSIGHT DUAL LASER 8K projector uses DLP technology incorporating 3 x 1.38″ DarkChip™ DMD™ and DP’s ColorMax™ technology to ensure superb color accuracy and black levels. These are especially vital imaging characteristics when matching projectors in tiled or blended applications.

Simulation & visualization projects requiring unsurpassed detail to the most elite entertainment venues that demand the most immersive experience through large-scale imagery, the INSIGHT DUAL LASER 8K provides a new performance benchmark.

Lamp replacements are never required due to the INSIGHT LASER 8K’s solid-state laser illumination system. By eliminating regular lamp replacement cycles, system operation is never interrupted and with its filterless design, long-term maintenance cost is near zero. This key benefit allows the INSIGHT LASER 8K to offer a much lower cost of ownership over the lifespan of the projector. As evidence, the warranty also covers the light source for the same term as every other component in the projector.

Other key benefits of laser illumination:

  • Blending multiple projectors is simplified as laser projectors are closely matched “out of the box” for color & brightness
  • Predictable and stable brightness provides close tracking in matched systems over the long-term
  • DP’s ColorMax™ ensures precise color matching so color drift is never a maintenance worry
  • DP’s MultiAxis orientation capability and optional lenses provide design flexibility in even the tightest installation footprints

A multitude of optional high-performance lenses and state of the art digital inputs assure the INSIGHT DUAL LASER 8K serves as a powerful and flexible imaging tool for venues requiring the most incredible projection solution.

Click here to download the preliminary spec sheet. For more information on Insight Laser Projectors, visit the Digital Projection website.

DigitalLinx DL-SE3H1V-C Auto Switcher/Extender

DigitalLinx DL-SE3H1V-C Auto Switcher/Extender

The DigitaLinx DL-SE3H1V-C is a 4K compatible, 4 input multi format A/V auto switcher, extender and video scaler system that supports long distance transport of HDMI between transmitter and receiver up to 70 meters / 230’ using Cat6 cabling.

The DL-SE3H1V-C features a total of 3 video inputs on the transmitter; (2) HDMI, (1) VGA with 3.5 Audio and (1) HDMI input located on the receiver for integration of a local HDMI input such as a wireless BYOD / screen share product. The receiver also features a stereo analog audio output to connect to an audio amplifier for audio reinforcement, an RS232 serial control port for display control / connectivity and two relay ports for projection screen or window shade control / connectivity.

The DL-SE3H1V-C can be controlled via push button control on the transmitter and receiver or by issuing telnet and serial commands when integrated with a 3rd party control system. The system can be programmed to automate RS232, CEC and relay control when a new video signal is introduced to the system thus creating a stand alone, plug and play A/V automation system that consolidates control of a connected display and room peripherals such as a projector screen or window shade.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use local collaboration switching/extension/display control system
  • 2 HDMI & 1 VGA with audio inputs on TX plus 1 HDMI input on RX
  • HDMI input on RX offers connectivity for remote devices such as wireless BYOD gateways
  • HDBaseT w/PoE extension
  • Integrated scaling up to 4k
  • Integrated display controller with 1 RS232, 2 relays, and CEC control can issue power on/off commands to display and open/close relays when source device is connected / disconnected
  • Audio de-embedding
  • Auto switching, manual control, or 3rd party control via TCP/IP
  • Simple automation control triggers commands when signal is presented or removed
  • Extend signal up to 70M


  • Huddle rooms, small to medium sized conference spaces
  • Perfect for any application where local collaboration / screen sharing is desired
  • This system can be programmed to power on/off displays via RS232 or CEC and open/close relays and can be triggered by connecting a source to any input / removing sources or this device can be controlled via 3rd party control system

View additional information on the DL-SE3H1V-C on the Liberty AV Solutions Website.

Attero Tech and Biamp Create New Wall Plates for Tesira Platform

unBT2A – Bluetooth Audio Wall Plate – Single Gang Receiver

SUMMARY – Single gang Decora style, Bluetooth audio receiver wallplate. Optimized for Pro-AV system integration.

OUTPUTS – Stereo balanced audio over CAT-5. unBT2A-EXP (included) allows for easy system connectivity.

CONTROL – Designed for integration. Customizable Bluetooth friendly name, remote pairing activation, remote status monitoring via RS-232.

Biamp and Attero Tech have teamed up to develop native integration of a number of AT products into Biamp’s Tesira v3.4 software and firmware.   These products integrate with the TesiraFORTÉ Forte DAN DSPs, Tesira Server SERVER (with DAN-1 Dante card) and Server SERVER-IO (with DAN-1 Dante card).

Tesira DSPs natively control the following Attero Tech product functions:

  • Preamp gain
  • Phantom power
  • Locate Function
  • Input Source Select (unD6IO-only)

Additionally, the input and output blocks in Tesira software feature integrated DSP functionality including:

  • Peak Metering
  • Phase Invert
  • Digital Level Control

This same control capability is available via Biamp’s TTP (TelNet/SSH Text) protocol for easy integration with third party control systems.  Biamp has also designed extensive system status monitoring and diagnostics that show incompatible or missing audio flows between the Tesira DSPs and the Attero Tech products, optimizing the process of troubleshooting Dante audio connectivity.  This is what native integration looks like!