Pufferfish® Interactive Multi-Touch Spherical Displays

Stewart Filmscreen®, the only two-time Academy Award®-winning manufacturer of projection screens, projection screen materials, and specialty optical coatings showcased Pufferfish® PufferSphere® interactive multi-touch spherical displays during InfoComm 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, June 14-16, 2017. Pufferfish specializes in spherical projection systems using proprietary optical coatings developed by Stewart Filmscreen.

Stewart Filmscreen and Pufferfish Challenge Flat Technology
The result of extensive research and development between Stewart Filmscreen and Pufferfish, PufferSpheres challenge flat panel display technology by opening up a world of possibilities for better communication, engagement, and interaction. This fascinating next generation technology combines extraordinary form, magnetic appeal, and unique interactivity, expanding the potential for engagement across a range of applications including use in museums and attractions, education & research, events, marketing or science communications, data visualization and other tactile applications.

During InfoComm, a 24-inch PufferSphere powered by a high-resolution Norxe P1 solid-state LED projector demonstrated the vast capabilities and tremendous flexibility of Stewart Filmscreen optical coating materials. A second wall-mounted PufferDome® will provided InfoComm attendees with the chance to explore a sample of Stewart Filmscreen’s most creative projects using on-sphere touch on the intuitive, 24-inch dome display.

A History of Innovation and Excellence
It takes a commitment to excellence and outstanding innovation to think beyond flat and curved screen materials to create spherical, interactive display solutions. The right formulation of optical coating is required to maintain image uniformity across the screen, regardless of projector placement, viewing angles, or ambient light.

“We partnered with Stewart Filmscreen because they are the only manufacturer that can provide the high-quality specialty optical coatings our PufferSphere products require. With the highest resolution capabilities available and superior image fidelity, Stewart Filmscreen helps bring our spherical, interactive, multi-touch displays to life,” says Angus MacFadyen from Pufferfish. “Stewart Filmscreen’s attention-to-detail is second-to-none, and the fact that their products are made in the U.S.A. to the highest quality standards means we don’t have to compromise on our commitment to deliver extraordinary solutions, from concept development, through realization, installation, and beyond.”

“For 70 years, Stewart Filmscreen has been changing what’s possible in the world of display technology. Specialty capabilities like PufferSphere multi-touch interactive spherical displays are just one example of how our unique manufacturing processes and proprietary formulations enable custom solutions for virtually any application,” says Stewart Filmscreen CEO Shannon Townley. “The proof is here in our booth and our longstanding partnership with Pufferfish. We invite InfoComm attendees to imagine the possibilities for their next display project. Or, as we like to say at Stewart, Imagine It. Done.”

Media Vision Presents New Digital Infrared Classroom Audio System

Media Vision TES-5600

The TES-5600 series by TAIDEN is a high fidelity voice amplification solution for the presenter or instructor with all the advantages of infrared over RF: inherently secure transmissions, no RF/DECT interference, and ability to use in multiple adjacent rooms without need for frequency management.

The solution is presented in convenient all-inclusive packages with pendant or handheld wireless microphones. It is capable of powering up to four PA speakers, and the main unit is available with a USB interface making it Skype for Business/web-conferencing ready.

With this launch, TAIDEN is expanding its product range beyond conference systems but maintains an exclusive focus on audio intelligibility and allows more industries to benefit from their patented digital infrared signal processing technology.

“The new Presentation Audio System will work alongside the Digital Infrared Wireless Conference System” notes Patrick Herlihy, Director of System Solutions with Media Vision “We are now able to provide a complete package to support clear communication in boardrooms and training rooms, particularly for the Government or Corporate sectors that have the most concerns for reliability and privacy.”

Taiden HCS-8368 Series

Shipping soon! The new ultra-thin and elegant tablet-like multimedia conference system – with 10″ or 14″ touch panel options – offers complete all-in-one integration of meeting presentations capabilities, and a superb HD paperless experience for its users.

Some of the main features of the HCS-8368 multimedia terminal include:

  • 14″ (1920×1080) HD TFT LCD touch panel, ultra-thin 6.5 mm screen
  • Paperless functions: full suite of Microsoft Office Readers and Internet access
  • Retractable gooseneck or line array microphone options
  • Multi-channel HD video display. Streaming of up to 10 video sources
  • 8 megapixels onboard camera for video capture
  • E Ink electronic nameplate option

As a conference system, the unit also offers superior audio intelligibility and numerous optional features: electronic voting, security identification via contactless IC card, digital audio recording, language interpretation, dual 64-channel selectors, and more. This all-in-one technology redefines the standards for what is expected in meeting environments.

Click here to visit the Media Vision website and learn more.

“LISA is a Big, Big Deal”

Is Silicon Core about to kick everyone’s ass in LED?

Click here to read what one of the most prominent personalities in the audiovisual industry wrote about Silicon Core’s new LISA platform.

Visit Silicon Core online to read more about LISA.

Biamp Education: New Software Features for TESIRA 3.0

Learn about the new hardware and software features from Biamp in a new training video…


SiliconCore Redefines LED Technology with LISA Platform

SiliconCore has announced the launch of a new technology platform, LISA (LED In Silicon Array), once again rewriting the rules of LED with a radical departure of how LED displays are manufactured.

The launch makes SiliconCore the first LED display creator to successfully implement Chip On Board (COB) manufacturing, which combines with its award winning Common Cathode technology to create a highly innovative large format display platform. The first prototype using the LISA platform, in a 1.9mm pixel pitch display, will be showcased at ISE and expected to ship in June.

LISA is the most disruptive technology in the LED display marketplace for decades, representing a departure from the usual SMD manufacturing process. The individual Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are directly bonded to the PCB’s, removing the use of traditional Surface Mount Diodes (SMDs) on the board to make the module mechanically more robust and rigid, increasing its durability. SiliconCore’s unique process also brings significant visual benefits including improved color uniformity and reduced color shift for exquisite displays throughout the product lifetime.

LISA will be the future of SiliconCore’s signature high resolution applications including command and control, corporate, home theatre, and high end retail applications. LISA creates a new wave in immersive LED displays with pixel pitches ranging up to 10mm and 8000 nits and opening up a variety of forms.

This innovation also opens up new avenues for market implementation, in OOH and outdoor applications thanks to its robust design. LISA is ideal for high footfall public spaces without risk of damaging the pixels. It can also be used for touch applications without the need to apply a glass overlay for protection.

Eric Penot, COO of SiliconCore explains:

“The LISA manufacturing method allows our engineers to work in precise levels of detail by streamlining the manufacturing process and improving the structural integrity of the module, ensuring pixels cannot be damaged during installation and throughout product lifetime.

“This is the future of LED display creation and will over time replace the industry norm of Surface-Mounted-Device (SMD). As an integrated silicon based solution, economies in scale are expected to be reached opening even larger opportunities for high resolution LED displays in public spaces and high quality solutions for corporate, retail and rental clients.”

These incredible benefits are further enhanced by that of SiliconCore’s unique Common Cathode technology, managing power consumption and efficiency. SiliconCore has also continued with advancements in its own patented driver chip, which features a high speed pixel clock to ensure outstanding visual performance without compromise by significantly advancing the data bandwidth. This is the highest performance driver chip in the industry with double the scan rate and a fourfold increase in processing speed, reducing the number of chips required per display up to 75%.

Find more information at www.silicon-core.com


Introducing the perfect companion for TesiraFORTÉ enabled conference rooms — the Biamp AMP-A460H amplifier. This compact, half-rack amplifier delivers 60 watts per channel with virtually no audible noise. The AMP-A460H amplifier also offers the ability to bridge channels, a high-pass filter option, and support for 70/100V constant voltage applications. These features give it the flexibility customers need in conference room sound reinforcement solutions. This feature-packed amplifier is also compatible with Biamp’s Audia and Nexia platforms. Features include:

  • Four channels; 60W per channel
  • Bridgeable channels
  • Supports both 70V and 100V Constant Voltage Systems
  • Rack mountable; includes mounting kit
  • No additional software needed
  • CE marked, UL listed, and RoHS compliant
  • Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty

Orders can be placed with Biamp beginning today, November 1, 2016; product will begin shipping November 11, 2016.

Learn more at biamp.com
AMP-A460H Data Sheet 

All Eyes on HDCP

Intellectual property (IP) is a significant factor in determining success and helps separate companies from one another in the market. Your IP could be a client list, product schematics, go-to-market strategy, or software code –  it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you protect it, albeit in a reasonable way so that customers can still use your product (and enjoy doing so).

Movies are Hollywood studios’ IP. These studios spend a considerable amount of money making and marketing movies, and they’ve taken steps to prevent users from pirating content. Their latest approach is High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). HDCP is a system intended to stop encrypted content from being played on unauthorized devices, or devices that have been modified to record HDCP content.

Copy protection isn’t inherently problematic, but the user-friendliness of copy protection schemes varies tremendously. This contributes to an ongoing challenge in pro AV – equipment interoperability. Regardless of the underlying technologies, there are a multitude of ways a system can fail to perform as expected – from network design to transmission protocols to firmware versioning. For instance, there are multiple opportunities for the HDCP “handshake” to fail in systems where consumer sources and displays are used for commercial AV deployments. “Handshake” refers to authentication, encryption, and revocation. In some products, HDCP is not deployed correctly, primarily due to manufacturers applying the rules incorrectly (or not following them at all).


Liberty’s newly updated and complete line of A/V Matrix Switchers

Liberty’s newly updated and complete line of A/V Matrix Switchers includes HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2 compatible switchers, Seamless HDMI switchers with scaling up to 4K, Certified HDBaseT switchers and hybrid HDMI / HDBaseT switchers that are ideal for many types of projects like conference spaces, training rooms and anywhere simple and flexible A/V matrix distribution is required.

A complete offering of switchers all offering a high level of flexibility and functionality while maintaining excellent price points!

Check out the switches below to learn which is right for you.


Volanti Displays touch screens with InGlass™ technology

Volanti Displays InGlass™ technology is an emerging technology that is suitable for Interactive Displays using Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR). These key features of no bezel, perfect clarity in addition to pressure detection, touch pen and glove solution that is scalable is a perfect match for Interactive Displays.

Specific light wavelengths are injected into the core glass and touch disturbances are detected via novel algorithms that have been patented. Unlike p-cap, InGlass™ does not utilize any sensors in the glass. Unlike IR-touch, no frame (bezel) is required because the sensing is taking place in the body of the glass and not above the surface of the glass. InGlass™ provides a tablet-like, bezel-free device that is also multi-touch capable (see picture below).

Volanti - InGlass Technology

InGlass™ technology:

– Premium touch experienceInGlass™ technology supports over 40 simultaneous touches

– Excellent Viewing ExperienceInGlass™ technology has no sensor grid in front of the LCD screen obstructing the image quality

– Pressure detectionInGlass™ touch technology natively supports pressure detection with over 1,000 levels

– Insensitive to electronic noiseInGlass™ technology is insensitive to LCD and charger noise

– 3 in one inputTouch – Pen – Glove

– Flush and simple integrationInGlass™ technology is designed to support simple and slim integration with a completely flush surface enabling true edge-to-edge industrial designs with no bezel.

InGlass™ technology is capable of detecting multi-touch glove events. This allows for glove usage in hospitals and outdoor environments.

The evolution of displays has resulted in a need for flat edge-to-edge tablet-like high-resolution panels. They introduce a new eye catching look, which is attractive to the eye and the touch interface. The sleek flat glass is now the norm, and it has moved to tablets, laptops, and All-In-One PCs. The trend has continued to larger displays.

Volanti - InGlass Technology - display

Learn more about Volanti Displays, their technology and products here.