Wall Mate In-Wall Flat Panel Solution

“Wall Mate is a customizable flat panel solution that can be specified and plugged into a building early on to ease onsite coordination. This self-contained unit allows for panel decision to be determined at a later time, as it accommodates a variety of sizes, mounting options, and orientations.”   – John Brereton, Vice President of Sales and Operations, rp Visual Solutions

This in-wall box solution allow you to have a flat mount, a pull-out mount, or a tilt mount.

  • Total in-wall soultion
  • Flexible mounting
  • Covers all flat panels from 55″ to 98″
  • Holds up to 300 lbs
  • Mounts Microsoft Surface Hubs up to 84″
  • Ultra thin, 0.625″ from back of display to wall
  • Easy coordination


To learn more, contact Mike Upright and visit the rp Visual Solutions website.

DNP LaserPanel – The Ultra Short Throw Solution

dnp LaserPanel Touch offers large high-contrast images at a fraction of the cost of an LED flat screen. It meets the users’ demands for large easy-to-install display sizes while remaining affordable for companies, educational institutions and homeowners.

  • Ideal for interactive presentations
  • Optical screen and laser projection technology
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Optimized for comfortable viewing
  • All-in-one solution

For more information and full specifications, visit the DNP website. 

IPLINX 2000 and 5000 Series Video Over IP Solutions

Dory Hornsby of Liberty AV Solutions provides a close up tour of the IPLINX 2000 and 5000 Series video over IP solutions. Audio, Video, and Control over IP is simple to manage and now it’s easier to implement than ever before.

For more information, visit Liberty AV online. 

Digitalinx: Curing the Conference Room Conundrum

As the center of the office universe, the conference room is the critical hub to make or break your customer and their team’s connectivity. Functional, affordable, and most importantly EASY TO USE huddle spaces are within reach with Digitalinx.


Mission Possible Office Spaces: Huddle & Conference Rooms, BYOD, Auto-Switching…
The hottest need and mission critical objective on every office’s list is functional and affordable huddle and conference rooms.


DigitalLinx Solutions Deliver It All – within Budget!
Including BYOD adaptor rings, SoftCodec integration, simple automation control, switching, extension, and more – Digitalinx delivers complete solutions for every conference room conundrum.


The Winning Solution: More USB Connectivity and Expanded A/V Switching Capabilities
BYOC (Bring Your Own CODEC) to the huddle as the conference system! The Digitalinx DL-SC51TR helps eliminates the unprofessional experience of using software CODECS (Skype, GoTo Meeting, etc). Huddle attendees can now utilize the rooms professional USB mic and USB camera for a simplified user experience.


The Digitalinx DL-SC51TR features a 5×1 A/V Auto Switcher, HDBaseT 2.0 extender and Simple Control System, 4 Port USB 2.0 hub built in, Local HDMI Input on RX for BYOD Devices, Automated Control Features two Relay Ports and an RS232 Port to Power up Displays and Room Peripherals when Video Input is Detected, Supports TCP/IP and RS232 Control.

Volanti 4K Multi-Touch Display

During Infocomm 2017, Volanti Displays featured the 65″ 4K Multi-Touch Display with InGlass Technology. This amazing product is now available with a new list price, reduced from $7,500 down to $7,100.

These incredible displays are high-quality large touch screen tables with powerful workstation options for design, CAD, planning, architecture, construction, BIM, and other commercial applications.

All models feature a high resolution multi-touch display with no raised bezel – stylish, ergonomic, and very functional. They work with finger, glove, and passive stylus.

Click here to learn more about Volanti Touch Screen Tables.

Phantom HALR from Stewart Crushes Ambient Light

The new and highly differentiated Phantom™ HALR™ (High Ambient Light Rejection) screen material received accolades from Installation at ISE 17and earned more from Commercial Integrator and Sound & Video Contractor (S&VC), while the Torrent™ ElectriScreen also took home an award from Systems Contractor News (SCN) during InfoComm17.

BEST Projection Screen and Best of Show
Each year at InfoComm, Commercial Integrator selects top new products in a variety of categories as the recipients of the BEST (Best Electronics Systems Technologies) Awards. Judged by an unbiased panel of 12 industry experts along with the editors of Commercial Integrator magazine, these products are lauded for their innovation, functionality, competitive advantages and benefits to the installer. Designed to deliver upon these virtues, Stewart Filmscreen’s Phantom HALR was recognized as a Commercial Integrator BEST Award winner in the video projection screen category.

Sound & Video Contractor editors and trade professionals also scour the InfoComm show floor every year to determine the most innovative, cutting-edge products being introduced. Understanding its differentiated performance and witnessing its image fidelity first hand, judges honored Phantom HALR with an InfoComm Best of Show award.

“Phantom HALR’s lineage virtually speaks for itself, but when integrators and consultants saw Phantom in action under intense lighting on the InfoComm show floor, they quickly ascertained how well it would do in any high ambient light environment— from classrooms and corporate boardrooms to venues and other challenging applications,” says Stewart Filmscreen CEO Shannon Townley. “Likewise, Torrent solves a real problem in the field where soffit space is limited and offers integrators and consultants an opportunity to do more in the two-piece projection category. We are proud to be recognized again for the technical advancements that Phantom HALR and the Torrent ElectriScreen represent. Consider your most challenging installations and the options Stewart Filmscreen provides, then simply Imagine It. Done.”

Click here to learn more about Phantom HALR from Stewart Filmscreen.

27,000 Lumen Insight Dual Laser 4K

The INSIGHT DUAL LASER4K introduces a remarkably bright 4K projection solution for discerning professional, simulation, visualization, signage,and large-screen applications. Building on the Award Winning INSIGHT Laser, this addition to the family brings exceptional brightness with dual lasers producing a stunning 27,000 lumens.

Venues where both image detail and image stability are critical will directly benefit from both the INSIGHT Dual Laser 4K’s advanced resolution and solid-state illumination platform. Additionally, applications where image uniformity is a critical concern, such as venues employing the same content across numerous screens simultaneously, will immediately realize value from the INSIGHT’S consistent solid-state illumination performance. In environments where the projector will be installed in hard-to-reach locations, the impressive limited maintenance of the INSIGHT DUAL 4K LASER display will save both time and maintenance costs.

With 20,000 hours of illumination life and no lamp replacements required, the INSIGHT 4K LASER family  delivers bright, stable and color-accurate imagery. All with the stunning detail and image subtlety that only full 4096 x 2160 4K resolution can deliver, and all at approximately 40% of the size and weight of existing 4K projector solutions. In applications where a compelling, clear visual experience is a critical measure of success, Digital Projection’s INSIGHT 4K LASER delivers.

No Lamp Replacements = Low Maintenance & Budget Friendly
The elimination of lamp replacements due to the solid-state illumination system creates immediate value for any venue. By bypassing regular lamp replacement cycles, nearly all lifetime costs for the INSIGHT DUAL 4K LASER are incurred at time of purchase. This key characteristic allows the INSIGHT DUAL 4K LASER to provide, in many cases, a substantially abbreviated cost of ownership over the lifespan of the system. Venues looking to produce a dazzling visual experience will realize true cost-saving benefits through the advanced illumination technology of Digital Projection’s laser projectors.

Click here for more info, specs, and features of the Insight Dual Laser 6K.

Pufferfish® Interactive Multi-Touch Spherical Displays

Stewart Filmscreen®, the only two-time Academy Award®-winning manufacturer of projection screens, projection screen materials, and specialty optical coatings showcased Pufferfish® PufferSphere® interactive multi-touch spherical displays during InfoComm 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, June 14-16, 2017. Pufferfish specializes in spherical projection systems using proprietary optical coatings developed by Stewart Filmscreen.

Stewart Filmscreen and Pufferfish Challenge Flat Technology
The result of extensive research and development between Stewart Filmscreen and Pufferfish, PufferSpheres challenge flat panel display technology by opening up a world of possibilities for better communication, engagement, and interaction. This fascinating next generation technology combines extraordinary form, magnetic appeal, and unique interactivity, expanding the potential for engagement across a range of applications including use in museums and attractions, education & research, events, marketing or science communications, data visualization and other tactile applications.

During InfoComm, a 24-inch PufferSphere powered by a high-resolution Norxe P1 solid-state LED projector demonstrated the vast capabilities and tremendous flexibility of Stewart Filmscreen optical coating materials. A second wall-mounted PufferDome® will provided InfoComm attendees with the chance to explore a sample of Stewart Filmscreen’s most creative projects using on-sphere touch on the intuitive, 24-inch dome display.

A History of Innovation and Excellence
It takes a commitment to excellence and outstanding innovation to think beyond flat and curved screen materials to create spherical, interactive display solutions. The right formulation of optical coating is required to maintain image uniformity across the screen, regardless of projector placement, viewing angles, or ambient light.

“We partnered with Stewart Filmscreen because they are the only manufacturer that can provide the high-quality specialty optical coatings our PufferSphere products require. With the highest resolution capabilities available and superior image fidelity, Stewart Filmscreen helps bring our spherical, interactive, multi-touch displays to life,” says Angus MacFadyen from Pufferfish. “Stewart Filmscreen’s attention-to-detail is second-to-none, and the fact that their products are made in the U.S.A. to the highest quality standards means we don’t have to compromise on our commitment to deliver extraordinary solutions, from concept development, through realization, installation, and beyond.”

“For 70 years, Stewart Filmscreen has been changing what’s possible in the world of display technology. Specialty capabilities like PufferSphere multi-touch interactive spherical displays are just one example of how our unique manufacturing processes and proprietary formulations enable custom solutions for virtually any application,” says Stewart Filmscreen CEO Shannon Townley. “The proof is here in our booth and our longstanding partnership with Pufferfish. We invite InfoComm attendees to imagine the possibilities for their next display project. Or, as we like to say at Stewart, Imagine It. Done.”

Media Vision Presents New Digital Infrared Classroom Audio System

Media Vision TES-5600

The TES-5600 series by TAIDEN is a high fidelity voice amplification solution for the presenter or instructor with all the advantages of infrared over RF: inherently secure transmissions, no RF/DECT interference, and ability to use in multiple adjacent rooms without need for frequency management.

The solution is presented in convenient all-inclusive packages with pendant or handheld wireless microphones. It is capable of powering up to four PA speakers, and the main unit is available with a USB interface making it Skype for Business/web-conferencing ready.

With this launch, TAIDEN is expanding its product range beyond conference systems but maintains an exclusive focus on audio intelligibility and allows more industries to benefit from their patented digital infrared signal processing technology.

“The new Presentation Audio System will work alongside the Digital Infrared Wireless Conference System” notes Patrick Herlihy, Director of System Solutions with Media Vision “We are now able to provide a complete package to support clear communication in boardrooms and training rooms, particularly for the Government or Corporate sectors that have the most concerns for reliability and privacy.”

Taiden HCS-8368 Series

Shipping soon! The new ultra-thin and elegant tablet-like multimedia conference system – with 10″ or 14″ touch panel options – offers complete all-in-one integration of meeting presentations capabilities, and a superb HD paperless experience for its users.

Some of the main features of the HCS-8368 multimedia terminal include:

  • 14″ (1920×1080) HD TFT LCD touch panel, ultra-thin 6.5 mm screen
  • Paperless functions: full suite of Microsoft Office Readers and Internet access
  • Retractable gooseneck or line array microphone options
  • Multi-channel HD video display. Streaming of up to 10 video sources
  • 8 megapixels onboard camera for video capture
  • E Ink electronic nameplate option

As a conference system, the unit also offers superior audio intelligibility and numerous optional features: electronic voting, security identification via contactless IC card, digital audio recording, language interpretation, dual 64-channel selectors, and more. This all-in-one technology redefines the standards for what is expected in meeting environments.

Click here to visit the Media Vision website and learn more.