Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras Now Supported by Mira Connect

Mira Connect’s latest software release supports controlling VISCA-compatible pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras over RS-232 or Ethernet, allowing designers to add one or more cameras to their room and have Mira Connect control the camera.


Why PTZ Support is Important

Adding direct support for PTZ cameras allows Mira Connect to be used with many soft codec applications, including our upcoming release supporting Zoom Rooms.

Mira Connect can also control the display’s source selection, power, along with the room’s microphone mute, and volume levels.


Click here to learn more and try it yourself with the MiraConnect UI Preview.

Biamp Introduces Web-Based Monitoring & Management Tool for Tesira® and Devio® Platforms

Announcing Biamp SageVue™, a web-based monitoring and management platform for the Tesira® and Devio® product families. Deployed at the end-user site, SageVue enables technology managers, integrators, and end users to review a system’s status and perform several administrative tasks easily and efficiently.

“With the addition of SageVue, users gain the essential information and tools for their connected Tesira and Devio devices right from their web browser,” said Chris Fitzsimmons, product manager for video products at Biamp. “This simplifies system monitoring and management, helping to increase productivity.”

SageVue uses a browser-based interface to provide users with a single, comprehensive overview and status of all Tesira and Devio devices connected to the network. SageVue is also equipped with a full-featured RESTful API, giving technology managers the ability to pull information into custom dashboards or be directly integrated with third-party monitoring applications. To streamline user access and setup, SageVue intelligently interfaces with LDAP infrastructure, allowing IT managers to use existing data to control access to the software.

For Tesira devices, users can access the functions associated with the device maintenance table and the configuration functions of VoIP-enabled devices. Remote firmware updates are also supported. For Devio devices, SageVue provides integrated access to the existing Devio device webpage.

SageVue will be available at no cost in Q3 of 2018. More information on Biamp’s full product portfolio is available at

Aveo Systems Announces Connect-West Representation

Aveo Systems and Connect-West Marketing are pleased to announce our partnership representing Aveo Systems products in Western Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Now available to Connect-West clients is Aveo System’s star product, Mira Connect- winner of rAVe’s 2017 Best Meeting Room Product award.

Mira Connect is a tabletop touch interface and controller for conference rooms, huddle rooms, and collaboration spaces. This technology supports hundreds of products from more than 20 manufacturers. It includes Microsoft Office 365® calendar integration and will soon offer Zoom Room integration, enabling users to start meetings quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about Mira Connect here.

Introducing the Second Generation from Clockaudio: CDT100 MKII

Clockaudio, a global leader in pro-AV microphone technologies based in the UK and with offices in North America and Asia, has officially launched their newest addition to the Clockaudio family, the CDT-100 MKII.

The CDT-100 family is built to streamline data and power cables for boardrooms, conference rooms and video rooms, reducing the cabling requirements from multiple and individual microphones from the conference table to the AV cabinet.

Offering several more options than its CDT-100 predecessor, the ‘second generation’ CDT-100 MK II Dante device has been upgraded with an extra output pin – in preparation for the arrival of Clockaudio’s new RGB control devices. The extra output pin, located on the RJ45 ports, is positioned for lighting up the blue LED on the TS003. In addition, all three LED colors can individually be set from ‘off’, to ‘full brightness’ in 256 steps, offering the full range of the color spectrum.

Furthermore, the two remaining pins on the RJ45 ports can now enable the hook up of two extra contact closures, such as the REED switch on Clockaudio’s CRM series microphones and/or ANY dry contact closure of additional control devices. Of the CDT-100 MK II, Managing Director of Clockaudio North America, Robert Moreau says: “With the Mark II version of our CDT-100, we continue to invest in product evolution to offer integrators and their clients more options when it comes to microphone controls and customization.”

Learn more on the Clockaudio website.

Powersoft Extends Duecanali Amplifier Platform

This year at InfoComm, Powersoft introduced new products aimed at the fixed installation and OEM markets.  Most notably, the popular Duecanali two-channel amplifier platform received a significant extension.

New to the Duecanali lineup are Duecanali 804 and 4804, perfectly suited for retail, leisure and hospitality fixed installations that require both pristine and reliable sound. The Duecanali 804 offers 2 x 400W and represents a lower total power solution for installations in retail, as well as bars and restaurants where a single two-channel amplifier is required — without the need for additional channels or power. The range is completed by the existing Duecanali 1604 launched last year, which sits between the two new products in the Duecanali range.

The newly completed Duecanali range, which boasts an unmatched power to size ratio, is able to drive low impedance loads (2/4/8 Ohm) and 70V/100V distributed lines selectable per channel. It also provides more than 16 different possible output configurations per channel. The Duecanali range also delivers on control and interoperability with DSP onboard, third-party plug-ins, networking and remote control.

“With DSP onboard, interoperability created via third-party plug-ins, networking and remote control, Powersoft amplifiers have been converted into smart controllers of the future,” said Francesco Fanicchi, Powersoft’s brand and communication director. “This has great bearing on integrators involved in multiple disciplines like audio, video, ETH cabling, power distribution and UPS provision, meaning that the future becomes a whole lot easier.”

Read the full article from AV Magazine.

See more about Duecanali on the Powersoft website.

Download the Duecanali data sheet.

New Video: Intelix FLX-64

The Intelix FLX-64 was designed for use in conference rooms that have two in-room inputs extended to the rack, a few local sources at the rack, two discrete displays, a VTC codec, and a recorder.

Features and Benefits

  • 4 HDMI inputs (2 w/ audio embedding) and 2 HDBaseT Lite inputs w/ PoE
  • 4 HDBaseT Lite outputs w/ PoE & 2 mirrored HDMI outputs
  • 60 m (200 ft) maximum extender distance
  • Audio de-embedding on each output, including breakaway
  • Front panel, IR, TCP/IP, and RS232 control
  • IR and RS232 routing
  • IR and RS232 tunneling over HDBaseT (inputs and outputs)
  • Control page and configuration accessible from web browser
  • Advanced HDCP management


  • True matrix routing and distribution of HDMI signals
  • A/V routing in environments with demanding control system
  • Ideal for houses of worship, corporate video conferencing

For more information, visit Liberty online or contact Mike Upright.

Tesira LUX Now Shipping

TesiraLUX is Biamp’s AVB-based video streaming solution including both an encoder and decoder, allowing you to distribute 4K60 video over your Ethernet network.

With the addition of TesiraLUX, Tesira now supports real-time video distribution over the network, with unmatched lip sync capabilities. Since Tesira manages the entire audio and video signal path, Tesira processing recognizes how long it takes for each signal to pass over the network, allowing it to accurately synchronize everything.

We’re pleased to announce that TesiraLUX is now shipping!

Check out the video, visit the biamp website, or contact Mike Upright to learn more about TesiraLUX and its capabilities.

TesiraFORTÉ VT and VT4 Now Shipping

The newest additions to the Tesira product family are now shipping! Each TesiraFORTÉ VT and TesiraFORTÉ VT4 device combines the power of VoIP and POTS, along with all the great features you’ve come to enjoy in TesiraFORTÉ, into one model.


TesiraFORTÉ VT includes three models: a non-networked version, an AVB version, and a Dante™ version. The TesiraFORTÉ VT4 is available in an AVB version and a Dante version. Best of all, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the new TesiraFORTÉ VT for the same price as the TesiraFORTÉ VI and TI!


In addition to new hardware, we made several updates to Tesira firmware and software:


  • Added support for all TesiraFORTÉ VT and VT4 models
  • Added support for Audio-Technica Dante microphone ATND8734
  • Added VoIP support for ShoreTel conference bridge SA-100/400
  • Plus a bevy of updates regarding VoIP, AEC, and security



Telephony Conferencing Solution


The TesiraFORTÉ VT combines both standard telephone service and a 2-line VoIP interface together in one solution, giving customers a choice between these technologies and soft codec calls via USB audio without any additional costs. The VT brings all this technology together so if there’s ever a need to update a telephony platform, you won’t have to upgrade your DSP solution.

Specialized Features

  • AEC on all inputs
  • SIP VoIP interface and standard telephone interface in one chassis

Download the Data Sheet


Telephony Conferencing for Smaller Conference Rooms

As conferencing solutions continue down the path of all digital, analog I/O becomes less of a requirement. The TesiraFORTÉ VT4 takes all the power of a standard TesiraFORTÉ product and reduces not only the price, but also the analog I/O, making it a perfect solution for digital microphones or for installations requiring less analog I/O. The VT4 offers customers a choice between AVB/TSN and Dante technologies – allowing them to select the model that best fits their conferencing needs.

Specialized Features

  • 4 inputs/outputs
  • 4 channels of AEC
  • SIP VoIP interface and standard telephone interface in one chassis

Download the Data Sheet

For more information on TesiraFORTÉ®, visit

Powersoft to Reach 1 Million Channels with New Promotion

Over the last 22 years Powersoft has proudly supplied the Pro-Audio industry with power amplifiers of the highest quality and efficiency.

During these 22 years, almost one million channels have been sold and distributed worldwide.

To celebrate, Powersoft has set up a promotional campaign that aims to speed up the process of reaching this momentous milestone.

The promotion gives you the opportunity to win the entire order that has been placed whatever value it may be. So the more channels you order, the more chances you have to win!

Once the millionth channel sold milestone has been reached, Powersoft will be streaming a live lottery style extraction of the lucky winner. The winner will be granted a coupon of the same amount of the winning order, to be spent on the next order by December the 31st 2017.

To participate in this giveaway follow this link and the instructions within:

You will then be contacted by us so that we may process the order, giving you the possibility to win the loot.

“To think that we are about to reach one million amplifier channels worldwide is mind-boggling,” said Powersoft’s brand & communications director, Francesco Fanicchi. “We wanted to promote this remarkable achievement and at the same time give something back to Powersoft users around the world who trust us with their projects every day and have helped us reach this incredible milestone. We are also extremely thankful to our partners and distributors, who have played an essential role in making Powersoft the brand that it is today.”

Click here to win back the value of your order!

Biamp AV Lab Trains AV Pros to be the Best and Brightest

The Biamp AV Lab is designed to provide individualized, hands-on training to AV professionals. In this class we encourage you to practice your skills using the Biamp products you trust, in a variety of installation scenarios. Students will have access to an enterprise-level network switch made by Extreme Networks®, as well as a fully-functional audio network that allows multiple Tesira® devices to communicate with each other. Our goal with the AV Lab is to provide you with the knowledge you need to complete even the most complex installations effectively and efficiently.

Click here to learn more about the Biamp AV Lab.