Mira Connect Supports Zoom Rooms

Mira Connect Now Supports Zoom Rooms

Mira Connect is a control system and intuitive user interface designed to simplify collaboration in conference rooms, meeting spaces, and huddle rooms.  Mira Connect’s user interface is automatically generated based on the ...
Parle Beamtracking Microphones

Parlé Beamtracking Mics Now Support Devio 

New for Summer 2019, Biamp has expanded the spaces in which its award-winning Parlé™ Beamtracking™ microphones can be deployed by adding support for Devio®. The Devio small conference and huddle room system, ...


MLS Satellite projectors

Satellite MLS System Makes for Small, Silent Projector Heads

At the 2019 Infocomm show, Digital Projection gave attendees a sneak peek at the Satellite Module Laser System (Satellite MLS) prototype. Featuring pure RGB Laser Illumination, the Satellite MLS separates the light source, with ...

Teleportivity Offers Face-to-Face Off-Site Support

Australian tech start-up Teleportivity has launched a platform that has the potential to transform the way business and universities interact with their customers and students. The system allows customers to create a ...

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