PTZ Cameras with Mira Connect

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras Now Supported by Mira Connect

Mira Connect’s latest software release supports controlling VISCA-compatible pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras over RS-232 or Ethernet, allowing designers to add one or more cameras to their room and have Mira Connect ...
Biamp Web-Based Monitoring

Biamp Introduces Web-Based Monitoring & Management Tool for Tesira® and Devio® Platforms

Announcing Biamp SageVue™, a web-based monitoring and management platform for the Tesira® and Devio® product families. Deployed at the end-user site, SageVue enables technology managers, integrators, and end users to review a ...


Customize with ClockAudio

Have it Your Way: Customization Never Scares ClockAudio

When most manufacturers shy away from customization, Clockaudio embraces it. Every now and then an application will call for a specification of a microphone that is non-existent. This might be a particular ...

Conference Call Technology Compared

Audio plays a critical role in the effectiveness of conference calls. Ever wish you could compare audio conferencing technology side-by-side? Join Zach Snook (Audio Products Manager) and John Urban (Product Marketing Manager) ...

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